Aluminum mirror for riding arenas

The new generation of riding hall mirrors (in preparation)

Optimal training results and more fun riding through the new riding hall mirrors. Innovative, individually adaptable to your hall type design.
The extremely high degree of reflection of 96% makes your riding hall optically larger and thus more attractive and significantly brighter when using this mirror over a large area. The self-correction is easier, because every detail in the sequence of movements can be seen even more clearly even over longer distances.
Distortion factor:
The special evaporation of the mirror results in a 100% distortion-free mirror image. Disturbing joints between the individual mirror segments are a thing of the past with this new technology. In addition, compared to conventional crystal mirrors, mirror sizes in almost all desired dimensions are possible without compromising the quality of the mirror image. Even XXL is not a problem.
Due to the high-quality materials used for mirror surface, frame construction and rear wall, the risk of injury from glass breakage is a thing of the past.
Thermal behavior:
The mirror construction can be easily used in riding halls in summer and winter. Due to its high temperature adaptability from – 25 ° C to + 40 ° C, the whole construction guarantees a year round “unclouded” use.
Fire protection:
The construction and construction of the mirrors are classified as non-flammable and thus do not increase the fire load in the riding arena under fire protection considerations.
Statics and construction:
The supporting structure of the mirror consists of an aluminum lightweight frame. The mirror itself consists of a highly tear-resistant, specially vapor-deposited aluminum foil. Both components contribute to an approximately 80% weight reduction compared to conventional crystal mirrors. In the case of damage, the film has a high repairability, which ensures the longevity of the mirror.
Special sizes and XXL sizes can be made to measure on the spot and save unnecessary transport costs. The assembly is carried out by experienced technical personnel. The above-mentioned weight reduction of considerable importance and great advantage. Due to the low weight no increased demands on the substructure of the riding arena. The assembly is fast and efficient. Elaborate machine use is not required.
Accessories and extras:
On request, an easy-to-use cover system with manual or electronic operation is available for the riding hall mirror.