With a bioenergetic scan in the Equusir BEST box possible energetic causes for physical and mental problems of the horse are measured, evaluated and treated tailor-made.
In the subsequent infrared and color light treatment, with individually adapted frequencies and deep heat, the processes in the cells,
precisely stimulated in the organs and in the vessels. Blockages can be released and the energy centers harmonize.
The result of a treatment series: The horse is calmer, more relaxed, more efficient and more willing to perform.
The Equusir Scan & Therapy Horsebox thus combines holistic healing systems with high-end technology. The energy and energetic quality of physiology are at the center of diagnosis and treatment.
  • back blockages
  • Tendon and joint blocks
  • Horn fissures, deficits in hoof and coat
  • digestive problems
  • cycle fluctuations
  • General immune and vitality fluctuations
Height: 2,742 mmWidth: 1,680 mmDepth: 2,465 mmWeight: 700 kg
Setting up / positioning:
The installation of the Equusir box, both for the construction of a new plant and in an existing plant, is precisely planned by HORSES & HOMES and the box is integrated both functionally and aesthetically. The optimal location of the box is crucial that its use daily effectively supports the performance and well-being of their horses. Horses used in competitive sports benefit as well as breeding and leisure horses.
Instructions and instructions will be given on site by the horse physiotherapist Thomas Gnadl and the team from Equusir.