Equestrian Planning & Design
Living, life & sports with horses

The company AIP HORSES&HOMES has specialized in the planning and construction of equestrian sports facilities, private riding facilities and all facilities necessary for equestrian sports both nationally and internationally. Equestrian architecture is characterized by a multitude of different requirements.
It is all about the species-appropriate design of the living environment of horses, the riders’ demand for training opportunities, and the harmonious integration of large building complexes into the existing topographical situation, landscape and culture.
The basis of our planning is to fulfil the complex requirements of functionality, economy and sustainability and at the same time to create a feeling of security and aesthetics for people and horses.
This requires a planning team with solid knowledge of high performance horses and equestrian sports combined with constructional experience. Holistic concepts must be combined with a great deal of attention to detail and compared about building parameters.
Creativity must be combined with cost awareness and constructive understanding with years of practical experience. A team, which puts the well-being of the horses just as much into the center of its planning as the requirements, desires and conceptions of the owner and/or client.
No matter whether you are planning a private facility, a riding club, a dressage, jumping or western centre, a new building or the renovation of an existing facility, the HORSES&HOMES team will take care of all the planning steps involved in your building project with horses.
To ensure that your construction project is carried out stress-free, cost-conscious and on time, you have only one contact person, from the first master plan, through communication with the official authorities involved, to the building permit: Your team from HORSES&HOMES.
It doesn’t matter whether your goal is a small stable for your private horses or a riding facility that meets international competition standards, you will receive a tailor-made facility that is individually tailored to your needs.